JSC „Saldus mežrūpniecība” operates in two basic sectors: forestry and processing of wood.
The company owns more than 2,000ha of land property, including 1,614ha of forest territory.
The company has concluded a longterm agreement with the State Joint Stock Company “Latvijas Valsts Meži” about the forest harvesting on 40,000 ha of forest territory. Under this longterm agreement every year in the state owned forest approximately 160 000 m3 of round timber shall be harvested, including 140,000 m3 for main usage and 20,000 m3 for intermediate felling.

AS Talsu mežrūpniecība

AS Talsu mežrūpniecība is located in the north-western part of Latvia, in the forest-rich region of Kurzeme. We operate in the woodworking industry. The wood-processing workshop of our public limited company produces debarked and rounded poles. We employ 40 workers working in the production areas for rounded poles, debarked poles and in two production areas for rounded poles made from small wood.